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Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you’ve been injured at work, you should be entitled to a number of benefits under the Workers’ compensation scheme. This can mean a lot more than just weekly benefits and reasonable medical expenses.

Medical Negligence

If you’ve been injured through your healthcare provider’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation.

Superannuation & Insurance

If you’re unable to work because of injury or health you may be entitled to make a claim for insurance through your superannuation.

Motor Vehicle Claims

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident because of another person’s negligence, you are likely to be entitled to compensation through what is known as ‘compulsory third party insurance.

Public Liability Claims

In Queensland a person who suffers an injury due to someone else’s negligence in certain circumstances is entitled to compensation through what is known as ‘public liability insurance’.

Abuse Claims

Abuse Claims are an incredibly sensitive matter for anyone involved. Whether you were the subject of abuse, you are related to a victim of abuse or a spouse, you will likely know all too well the devastating affects on victims of abuse.

General Insurance

Most forms of insurance are a form of contract. In essence, this means that you pay a premium to an insurance company in exchange for them ‘insuring’ something of value.

Asbestos and Silicosis Law

Workplaces are meant to be environments that are safe and secure. There are few things more distressing than finding out that after years of service and hard work, you may be left with an illness such as asbestosis or silicosis.

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Your specialist law firm practicing exclusively in all compensation and insurance law.

We know all too well good results require hard work from smart minds. That’s why:

1. We take each and every case seriously - We understand that your case can be the only chance you have of supporting you and your family. We make decisions based on what’s best for you, not our profit margins.

2. We have a high lawyer to support staff ratio – We don’t let unqualified staff run matters. All matters are run personally by one of our directors with the assistance of one of our highly qualified lawyers.

3. We have high professional standards – We know how important your matter is to you and we know that you have entrusted us with one of the biggest decisions of your life. We don’t let our clients down.

4. We treat you like a human, not a number - You won’t be ‘one of hundreds’. We know the worth of each and every one of our clients. We won’t make you feel like you are anything other than our top priority.

5. We communicate with our clients -  Our strong communication is one of the reasons behind our client’s success. We’ll communicate with you during your entire claim, not just when we think we can start billing you.

6. Our lawyers have a cap on how many files they run We don’t operate like a factory, our lawyers provide strategic and effective litigation which ensures results. Every matter is given the time and attention it needs.

7. We work with our clients the entire step of the way - We won’t leave you to deal with insurance companies and your employer on your own. We work hard from the start to ensure strategic and effective litigation.

At Queensland Compensation Lawyers, we believe in doing things differently.

How We Charge

Compensation Law

At Queensland Compensation Lawyers, we believe that everyone deserves a right to fairness and representation. That’s why we only act on a ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ basis.

Unlike a lot of other firms, this includes Disbursements so if you don’t decide to go ahead with a claim you won’t be left with any bills whatsoever.

The way we see it, if you’re taking our advice, we should put our money where our mouth is.

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