How much will it cost?

Every case is different, which is why at QCL, we offer three different ways to alleviate any financial stress on you and your family:

1. A no obligation initial consultation

When we have all the facts, we’ll better understand the chances of us winning the case for you.

2. A NO WIN – NO FEE arrangement

At Queensland Compensation Lawyers we only ever charge a fee if we win the case for you. No ifs, no buts. If your claim is not successful you will have no out of pocket expenses for our work.

This includes all fees for medical reports and other documents needed for your case. This means that we carry the entire cost for your case and only charge a fee if you win.

Be mindful to read the NO WIN – NO FEE fine print of other law firms. Many will charge for medical reports and other documents along the way. We do not.

3. An independent cost consultant

To ensure the utmost fairness to you, we ask a 100% independent cost consultant to review the fees we charge on every single case we fight.

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