Time limits for claims

It is critical that people injured in motor vehicle accidents know that there are time limits that apply to claims. If you take too long to make a claim you may lose any opportunity to be awarded compensation for your injuries and suffering.

At Queensland Compensation Lawyers we can guide you and fight for you every step of the way, making sure all deadlines for claims are met while ensuring that you are on the front foot when you do make any claim.

The following are little known facts about claiming for compensation:

  • Typically, you have three years to commence a claim in court
  • If you are not consulting a lawyer, you have nine months from the date your injuries occurred to make your claim, unless symptoms appeared later
  • Once you have consulted a lawyer, you have one month to serve you claim on the CTP insurer
  • In accidents where the negligent driver is unidentified, you have just nine months to make your claim

It is very important to remember that each case is different. Queensland Compensation Lawyers can give you the very best chance at receiving the best personal, medical and financial outcomes, if you contact us as soon as possible after the accident.

Queensland Compensation Lawyers know your rights and we will defend them for as long as it takes with whatever course of action is necessary.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Should notice not be given as above, a ‘reasonable excuse’ must be given and a claim has the potential not to be capable of going ahead.

In instances where the other party to the accident cannot be identified, the ‘Notice of Accident Claim Form’ must be served on the ‘Nominal Defendant’ within 9 months of accident, irrespective of the 3 year limitation period.

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